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Production equipment

New equipment
Speed Master CD102 unique characteristics of intelligent, well-deserved for the worlds most advanced printing press
Touch computers overall control
Greatly improving the efficiency and precision of the printing
Computer data repository can be printed first-hand customer data stored in the memory
The customers sit back and relax
When debugging printed can be re-opened without India
CP2000 console
Touch computers overall control, greatly improving the efficiency and precision of the printing
CP2000 color real-time adjusted system
CP2000 color real-time adjusted system can be adjusted to customers first-hand printing of data stored in memory, automatic error correction adjustments need to readjust when printed can be opened India
Modular Blanket washing equipment
Modular Blanket washing automatic cleaning device when printing the dirt, dust and to print even more exquisite, more beautiful, more artistry.
New technologies
An artisan must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well.
If we want to build a bridge-india between design and product, we must have the best equipment and the strength of advanced technology and scientific management.
Xin jinye
Top with 21st  century technology printing press, with automatic from automatic cutting to the viscose-box pipeline automatic packaging production lines, with folding, binding, plastic equipment integrated with publications production lines, with suitable for automated production of food, medicines, health care Commodities, electrical household machinery industry volumes equipment, paperback label printing equipment, with hot metal aluminized , UV, uneven pavement, glossy materials and special technology professional equipment, possession of technologic professionals and outstanding management team.